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Digital Transformation, on a small or a big scale, is the need of the day for most businesses. Yet, many Digital Transformation projects are not giving businesses the Return on Investment they expected. There could be multiple reasons for this, but one of the most likely reason is that all teams are not aligned on what technologies are relevant to their business and what is the best approach to solution design and implementation.



    Process Improvements

    Not getting all the components to work together seamlessly, resulting in more inefficiencies and manual effort than before? Do our teams know what is the best approach to solution design and implementation for transformation?


    Cost and Time Overrun

    Significant delays in implementation of Digital Transformation projects? Significant increase in spend on consulting fees, infrastructure, products and people costs?


    Technology Landscape

    Are all our teams, functional and technical, aligned on what technologies are relevant to their business? Confusion about all the technologies being talked about, the hype around some of them, and about where and how much you should invest for tangible business value?


    Return on Investment (RoI)

    No Return on Investment and flat or even declining profits due to an overspend on IT without the commensurate benefits? Do our teams know how to measure projects on the three main KPIs: TCO, TTM, and ROI?

How do our programs help you improve your success rate?

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    We demystify technology for your non-technical teams, including product, sales and marketing, operations, finance, and even senior management.

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    The Art of the Possible

    We provide you with a complete landscape of all technologies, and their relevance to your industry, and their convergence, which will help you see the big picture and make an informed decision on where to invest for the best business outcomes.

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    Industry Relevance

    We bring your technology teams up to speed on the latest developments and provide them with an industry-specific application perspective.

Induction Programs

Industry-Academy Bridge

Academic programs must focus on teaching the basics, which are critical to building a strong knowledge foundation, especially in STEM subjects. There is a lot to cover and often there is not enough time to keep pace with the latest technology and specific industry trends.

Given the stage we are at with the rapid evolution of computing technology, the best time to familiarize your employees with technology is when they are entering your organization fresh from educational institutions.

Our induction programs help bridge this gap so that freshers become productive faster. With our parallel experience in Educational Institution and Corporate Training we are able to understand and address the gaps perfectly.

Tech Provider Consumer Ecosystem

Digital Transformation Technologies

Training Program

This program provides an overview of all relevant technologies required for your digital transformation initiatives. This program is meant for both IT and non-IT teams to equip them with sufficient knowledge to explore the art of the possible using available technologies and to design and implement the most relevant solutions with optimal use of technologies.

Training Program

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We start with a short session with a select audience so you can understand what we have to offer. Then we work with your Learning and Development team to design a customised program for your teams.