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Academic programs must focus on teaching the basics, which are critical to building a strong knowledge foundation, especially in STEM subjects. There is a lot to cover and often there is not enough time to keep pace with the latest technology and specific industry trends.

For graduate students, on the cusp of joining the industry, we offer an industry-grade capstone project. In addition to tech skills, they will also learn design thinking, agile development, and collaboration skills, which are key to a successful career.

A Reference Architecture

This is a representation of the place of each technology components and their possible integrations and interactions.

What Other Skills will you learn?

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    Design Thinking

    Building good solutions requires more than just an understanding of technology. You need to understand business and user requirements. You need to design the optimal solution that is user-friendly and performant. Good design skills are required to develop intuitive user interfaces, optimal business process, and well-structured data.

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    Agile Development

    Agile development is a modern approach that is used when developing applications where requirements are evolving. You should be able to start by building a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be demonstrated to your users and then build upon it incrementally allowing users to stay enagaged and give feedback through the process.

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    Building solutions of the future will require individuals and teams with complementary skills working together. While each one may build a part of the solution, all parts need to integrate to provide the complete solution. This requires good collaboration skills from the design and architecture, to the choice of tech stack, and component interfaces.

A capstone project serves as a demonstration of all the knowledge and skills learnt in an academic program, ensuring every aspect of the learning is incorporated into the project.

Vikas MujumdarOur Chief Educator

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